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Elaine Welteroth - We Can Fix the Maternal Health Crisis

Episode Summary

The maternal health crisis is a human rights issue. It’s a systemic issue. And, most importantly, it’s an issue we can solve, together. Today’s episode features three people who are leading the way: activist and journalist Elaine Welteroth, founder of 4Kira4Moms Charles Johnson, and Kimberly Durdin, doula and co-founder of Kindred Space (the only Black-owned birthing center in L.A.). Listen to a recording of their live conversation at a recent Bobbie for Change event on Black maternal health, where they talked about humanizing this crisis through storytelling and rooting the conversation in hope. Afterwards, our host Anjelika Temple talks with Elaine about her own birth journey, why we need to change the way we talk about childbirth entirely, and how we begin. <p/> To learn more about Kindred Space, visit <p/> To learn more about 4Kira4Moms, visit <p/> To learn more about Bobbie for Change, our organization dedicated to creating generational impact through policy, activism, and giving, visit <p/> Follow Bobbie on IG for all Milk Drunk Podcast updates: @ Bobbie<p/> Learn more about Bobbie organic baby formula:<p/> And for more real talk about parenthood (and babyhood!), head to Milk Drunk:<p/>